My First Blog Post: Let Me Introduce Myself

My First Blog Post: Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello Writers & Readers!

I am finally writing my first blog post. I have been so excited seeing my first stories be published and do well in Amazon’s Kindle store. And that is all thanks to you!

I have always loved writing and getting my books published is a dream come true. There are so many stories swirling around in my head, it’s nice to get them on paper, well sort of.

Self-publishing my stories works well for me as it takes a lot of time and money to get published the traditional way. Online publishing gives me complete freedom over my stories and allows me to express myself as an author.

I am going to keep this blog post short, but I wanted to just thank all of you for reading my first 2 short stories and I look forward to publishing the next books in the series.

My Two New Releases: Kick Azz Teen Witches

I am new to this blog writing thing so bear with me a little as I figure it out. You can look forward to many posts in the future about new additions to the series and what books inspired me to become a writer.

In the meantime…

Check Out: Witches of Wyvern’s Landing: Discovery

Witches of Wyvern's Landing - Discovery - Book 1 Cover
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Book 1 in a series about twin witches that are just learning how to use their powers. They are perfectly normal young girls with their whole lives ahead of them, content with their parents in a grand, comfortable home in Virginia, where nothing dramatic ever happens.

Until, one night, their Aunt Cal – a mysterious and chaotic woman at the best of times, who comes and goes like a summer storm with no concern for the drama she stirs in her wake – visits their parents, a month after their thirteenth birthday.

She comes bringing news of the impossible – magical blood is in their family line. Violet and Scarlet may be powerful witches and must go to Wyvern’s Landing immediately to be assessed.

Suddenly, these two perfectly normal girls might not be as normal as they thought they were. A real adventure awaits them at Wyvern’s Landing, a magical school hidden in the rural flatlands of Ohio.

Check Out: The Loremaster: And The Book Of The Ancients

The Loremaster: And The Book Of The Ancients (Book 1)
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Or The Loremaster and the Book of the Ancients; book 1 in a series on voodoo magic being used to manipulate teens at a magic school using a TikTok spell. A new student, Dorothy Lewis, and her mother, Abigail Lewis, move to Greenville from New Orleans.

The mother sets up a voodoo shop on the outskirts of town and offer tarot card readings and remedies to the locals. On a quest for more knowledge, Norton Washington acquires an old, tattered book entitled THE BOOK OF THE ANCIENTS.

He seeks to understand the writings of ancient Dutch combined with unknown runes. It’s connected to a group of powerful demons determined to cause pain and destruction.

The Academy students are in grave danger. And Principal Washington must work with Dorothy and other Neophytes from The Academy to vanquish the demons before they can be released and wreak havoc in the community through a teen app known as TikTok.

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