Witches of Wyvern’s Landing

Book 1: Discovery

Witches of Wyvern's Landing - Discovery - Book 1 Cover

This is the story of a magic school located in the Midwest.

Days after the twins’ 13th birthday, their aunt arrives to inform them and their parents that “it’s time.” Per family tradition, the girls must go to magic school to take a series of tests to find out if they actually have magical powers. They soon find out they actually do!

Soon after arriving at Wyvern’s Landing, they get a mysterious note from a stranger who claims to be a long-lost brother they never knew they had. He warns them that they never should have come to the school of magic.


The Loremaster

Book 1: And the Book of the Ancients

The Loremaster: And the Book of the Ancients (Book 1)

In the hills of Greenville, South Carolina are two high schools within one known as Hillcrest High. The school itself is known to the whole population. The Maglarones know nothing about the other school. 

It’s hidden from the public and is known as The Academy. It’s only visible to those with special abilities – specifically… magic. These magic school students, known as Neophytes, are apprentices to the Loremaster, who also acts as principal of the entire school system. 

Part of a secret society called the Loremasters, he is burdened with keeping the secrets of the magical community while learning all he can about ancient magic. The Academy students are in grave danger against a TikTok demon from the Book of the Ancients. He and his Neophyte team are the only ones who can stop it. 


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